Our Story

Forty-seven years ago, I met Mark Carpenter at the beach, here in southern California. Who would have known that by 2010, we would have celebrated a 40-year marriage, and be able to reflect on a relationship together that experiences constant growth, change, and commitment to each other and family...

During that time, after having worked as a journeyman carpenter, and then as a horseshoer, and already father of two young children, my husband still held on to his lifelong dream to be a dentist. With my blessing and support, he made the transition to go back to school to accomplish that dream.

In the spring of 1980, Mark graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry with his D.D.S. degree, and also welcomed the birth of our third child! That same year, realizing that the faith, integrity, and drive of my husband, were all something worth investing in, I pledged my 10-year teaching retirement into the purchase of our first, and only dental practice and we named it Mark Carpenter, D.D.S.

So...that's where we are today, 30 years later! I have the pleasure of doing "background" things in the practice, so you will see me in the office from time to time.

For all these years, my husband and I have always worked as a team. The concept continues as together with our daughter, Erin Estey D.D.S., and her husband, Mark Estey, D.D.S. we proudly continue the dream of a family dental practice, Estey & Carpenter Family Dental Practice.
- Barbi Carpenter